Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Boston Chronicles: Tuesday, 8-24-10 (Day 2)

Today was awesome. It's raining here like crazy so we didn't do a whole bunch. First we woke up extremely late and had DELICIOUS chocolate chip pancakes, that I've been dying and craving for since like April when I bought my ticket to come here.

Then we talked for hours. Katie caught me up on all of the Shall-Not-Be-Named, ridiculous drama that someone is putting her through. Katie is so awesome, that before we left for the day, I told Betsy I wanted to give her a makeshift
surprise birthday party later. The three of us took the T, yeah the T because I'm in Boston an
d can do amazing stuff like take
the T, to Newton Centre and got challah at the Blue Sky Bakery, which reminds me of the Blue Sky Cellar in Disneyland California Adventures, but there's cooler things like models of the new World of Color in there.

Afterwards, Betsy and I got some things together for Katie's makeshift surprise birthday bonanza--two kinds of ice cream because I don't like peanut butter as a dessert, M&M's toppings, "streamers" which were really wrapping paper ribbons because CVS blows a bit in that department, cards that were AWESOME, and a magazine as a birthday present. When we got back to the BK Lounge, we decorated the place with our "streamers" and I made dinosaurs/work horses to put up on the kitchen wall. We also made her a crown because she is QUEEN OF THE DINOSAURS!

Then we talked some more and convinced her to go New York City with us! Betsy and I leave tomorrow! Yay!

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  1. totally thought you were talking about my katie the whole time until i saw the picture. hehehe. you're an awesome friend, c-dizzle


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