Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Living Life: An Arbitrary Account of my Absence

Sometimes, I like to live life instead of writing about it.

I think that's the first time I really can say that statement and understand that that's exactly what's been happening to me.


Not that I don't enjoy my life in other periods, but that currently, I'm not depressed/tired/stressed/introverted/hermit-y/etc. enough to obsess and overanalyze the things that are bothering me. Yes, I wouldn't say my situation in life has changed much since I redid my blog and started my manifestos of melancholy, but I think I've attempted to enjoy it much more.

I'm still dealing with a lot o the same things--what I will be doing a year from now, the life-changing of November that's the most awkward thing ever, the fact that since the life-chaning event of November my mom and I haven't been doing as well as we should, the stress of staying on top of things in school when I just really don't freaking want to. However, some things have improved-- Katie and I are on our way to an even better friendship, I actually have a somewhat legit social, I'm trying new thing (especially new foods--it can't be worse than pig's blood!), planning trips and events that I actually want to go on and do, the weather is all sorts of brilliance, taking new classes, taking a few risks (AH Guardian!)... and you know what?

It feels real freakin' good.

And I'm happy.

And when the cycle starts anew, which I know it eventually will, I can remember that I just need to power through it so I can again come to a place like this in my life.

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  1. I'm very glad to hear that you are so happy!! <3 I LOVE YOU!


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