Monday, September 28, 2009

Again, The Need To Read About Asians Abounds

I can be simple.

  • I like to read.

  • I dislike "should."

  • I am.

I can be mildly challenging.

  • I enjoy reading a good book.

  • I hate the word "should" and what it means.

  • I am tired already.


  • I enjoy reading an amazing work of fiction while curled up in bed, warm and snug, forgetting the problems that plague my days and losing myself in a life that is not my own, but is obviously more interesting because, well, someone wrote a book about it.

  • I hate that word "should" and the minute connotations that drag that word down in my mind and rule my life completely, enslaving me to an ideal of "should" that I can never seem to break from or achieve, even with the most freeing and perfect of Gods.

  • I am tired already of this week and feel like curling up in bed, warm and snug, but due to my mindless pursuit of the "should" ideal and the ADD culture America has created so deftly, I also feel obligated to exercise, eat healthy, watch television, clean my clean room, write a letter to Congress, read the Bible, do homework, study for nothing, pirate music, text, and save the world between now and 8 o'clock, when another activity begins.

I never said this blog would NOT be depressing.

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