Friday, October 2, 2009

Fuck Yeah Friday!

If YOU were NOT in Apartment Journey last night, here's a little recap of what you missed, in a sequence that will allow you to understand exactly how this transpired-

1. I like dancing!

2. A few days ago, bought some new underwear at Victoria's Secret. One has all these 80's boomboxes on them and they awakwardly say TURN ME ON.

3. Yesterday, I caught up on GLEE with Jezli and it was A-FREAKING-MAZING!

4. Kristen Chenoweth (can anyone say my singing idol??) was guest starring and sang with Matt Morrisson the song "Alone."

5. Jezli promptly downloaded that song and played it on repeat pretty much the rest of the night. Good thing it is, again, A-FREAKING-MAZING! (Obviously not as much as the episode itself. Note the size difference.)

6. After taking my shower, I was going to steal her music as she also has the A-FREAKING-MAZING song "You Make My Dreams Come True" by Hall & Oates. (Obviously more A-FREAKING-MAZING than "Alone." Note the addition of italics.) But I decided not only to steal her music, but to throw an impromptu dance party as well in order to initiate wearing my new boombox underwear, which are exactly the thing needed for impromptu dance parties, and because (Number One reason here, readers) I like dancing!

7. Jo soon joins the impromptu dance party, which starts in her room and then migrates to the living room, with open curtains and open sliding glass door so anyone walking by can enjoy our greatness.

8. The impromptu dance party covered everything from rap to dance to classic oldies to multiple GLEE songs and so on and so forth until we get to a song Jo really likes called "Pop Goes My Heart" from the movie Music and Lyrics.

9. As Jo had been teaching me how to better my crotch-thrusts, I decided I would be her back-up crotch-thruster in the corner of the living room near the open curtain and open sliding glass door.

10. As Jo has her solo dancing moment and I, with all the seriousness that the art of crotch-thrusting requires, crotch-thrust in the background, someone yells down to us...


Both Jo and I run away from the window and fall to the ground, laughing, while Jezli apologizes for us and closes the open curtains and the open sliding glass door.

If YOU were NOT in Apartment Journey last night, YOU will NEVER be able to understand how A-FREAKING-MAZING that moment was (Obviously, that moment was the most A-FREAKING-MAZING thing of the whole list because it includes bold, italics, underline, CAPS LOCK, and very large writing.)

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