Monday, December 14, 2009

Interpreter of Maladies (Old but Now Posting)

I read this book for Asian lierature, Interpreter of Maladies, and many of the stories in it had problematic marriages as a big source of conflict. It seemed as if all the marriages that blossomed because two people were in love with each other were now crumbling because they were now "out of love." The one marriage that ended up working was the one that had been arranged in India while the man lived in the United States.

Is that what I am to look forward to if I marry the person I am passionate for? Eventually falling out of love with my husband? From expereience, I know you can move forward from love. Does that mean I should settle for someone I am simply compatible with, someone I can learn to love and respect, but never truly feel passionate for?

The book really resonated a sadness within me.

But I will refuse to let it get me down. I know that I can be in a marriage that passion lasts in. It doesn't have to be lifeless or loveless. It can work.

At least, I hope so.

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  1. I often wonder those same things as well. I always think the person I'm going to marry me is going to leave me, so marriage is always pickly topic. Perhaps I just love the idea of love?


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