Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Can You See It Now?

These walls that they put up to hold us back fell down / It's a revolution / Throw your hands up 'cause we never gave in / We'll sing Hallelujah!


It's what I am doing this year. I'm off to a very good start. Tonight for sure is going to mess it up, but it's a special occassion and I'll get myself back on track because I understand it's only a special occassion.

I've been going to bed early- in bed by 10 o'clock to write in my Jesus Journal and read a chapter in a book, then falling asleep by 11. I try and wake-up around 730 so I can get ready before watching Say Yes to the Dress and then depending on whether or not I have class at 930, I am going to the gym or finding some other time to go because I am training for a 5k. (If you want to read about my progress for the 5k, check out my other blog "Journey To The 5k.")

I'm feeling really good. I really like this. I wish I could be doing more homework so I can really get a feel for how I do once I have more obligations to school, but my books haven't come in yet. Hopefully they'll be here before Friday so I can catch up over the weekend.

I'm really excited for this year. I feel this is something I can do. I feel these are changes I can keep. And even in going to bed early, I'm still finding enough time for myself, although that will probably decrease over the quarter as I start to get more homework and have to study for tests and whatnot. But I'm praying God will provide me with time still.

I did really well financially last quarter although I was really worried towards the end there, but I have a lot of money saved for my trip this summer to Boston and New York and I have a lot of money this quarter. I am hoping I'll be really good about spending and not spend it all. I'm going to try and live off of 40$ a week, especially since I can get a lot of me food through dining dollars and I'm not even counting that. If I live off 40$ a week, besides maybe a few very special activites, it means I'll only be spending roughly 500$ a quarter which is about a third of the money I get. So, that is another one of my goals.

I really enjoy writing in my Jesus Journal. I usually take the first paragraph just to thank God for everything and it really makes me happy, thinking about all the good things he's done for me that day. It puts a smile on my face no matter how the day really went. I also made four resolutions with Him this year, which are pretty much my resolutions for the year. I want to do things for Him. Like this running thing, instead of saying I want to get in shape, making it a very "me" resolution and not really giving me any sort of goal, I am trying to treat the body He blessed me with better. I want to love the body He gave me, not hate it or mistreat it. I want to learn to appreciate all it does for me and how it truly is a beautiful thing, no matter what anyone says the standard of beauty is. My others are like that too. I want to spend more time with Him and I'm starting that by wiritng every night. Soon I am hoping to include more Bible time, since I'm really bad at that, or random moments of worship or prayer or just more conciousness of Him as I go through my day. I want to spend Sundays as a day of rest. So I cannot do homework or anything like that, but I can enjoy time with Him and time in my city or just with friends or in books or in writing. But nothing stressful. And also, go to church Sundays. And my other one is just to use the things He has blessed me with wiser--time, money, school, family, friends, words, gifts, possessions, city, classes. Pretty much these four resolutions are completely life changing for me and I want to do my best with them.

I think I might write them down each day or go back to them each day and see how I've messed up or done well to keep them in my mind. I mean, I feel like I've already forgotten them. If you could just pray for me on these four things and for my family's financial situation, I would really appreciate it.

Good luck with all your New Resolutions. Leave me comments about what they are so I can pray for you too or encourage you throughout the year!

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  1. Mmmmm.... this was very good. And it made me really happy.
    I too, have made a resolution with Jesus to treat my body better. I am either walking or doing this Jillian (from the Biggest Loser) video that I got everyday. So far, it's gone really well.
    I also want to spend more time worshiping. I feel like I used to do this really well and eventually "things" (aka excuses) got in the way. I've been trying to listen to worship music in the mornings and then just talk to God throughout the day. Especially at work. Because I tend to get super frustrated and can forget that this job is a blessing.
    But I'm really glad you're using your journal! It makes me so happy! :)
    Love you! I'll be praying!


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