Friday, February 5, 2010

A Memory in Two Parts, A Work of Good Fiction.

So, for my fiction writing class, we had to write about a childhood memory in completely a child's voice. So, no big, fancy words, no adult perspective. Completely childlike.

And you all know my infantile enthusiasm is unbridled, so this assignment ended up being really easy for me. I knew what memory I wanted to write about right away and as I thought about it, this really cool I guess metaphor came to my mind concerning the blue, yes blue, carpet that we had in the house I first lived in.

This week's assignment was to revisit that memory but now from an adult perspective. Ijust finished writing it. And, I'm not going to lie, although a good portion of everything written is fictional, a lot of the emotion isn't. And this piece has actually been really hard on me. It's very truthful in how I see my relationships and how I see my marriage. It reveals a lot about me that many people don't get to see. IN all honesty, I've only shared it with one person on this Earth and that person in return hurt me quite badly. Safe to say, I'm not looking to share it again for a long time.

But I thought I'd give you a glimpse, let you see something that some will never know resides deep within my heart and affects me daily. Isn't that sad?

Enjoy the following two posts.

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