Friday, May 21, 2010

Don't You Hate It When...

you have to pee really, really, REALLY bad but you also want to wash your face and then you choose to wash your wash and the whole time you're doing it you're like "wow, this water sounds just like pee falling into a toilet" and you wish that it was your pee falling into the toilet but it's not because you chose to wash your face instead so then you're sitting there trying to wash your face while also doing a pee dance and attempting to not get the apricot scrub microbeads in your eyes because THAT FUCKING HURTS and and then you make the water warmer to distract you from the pain in your bladder because you love warm water on your body almost more than you love air in your lungs but then that DEFINITELY reminds you of pee because isn't pee warm? and you think you know that either from experience or from class and then finally you finish washing your face and you finally get all those DAMN microbeads off your face and you get your belt undone and your pants down and then finally, FINALLY you get to pee?

Yeah, that just happened to me.


Feel free to fling your futile fodder upon my professions.