Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Helter Skelter 2.0

Updating my list of things to do. I can't go on Facebook because I made Katie change my password and I can't even just do random things online in the place of Facebook because I know I'll find something I'll want to link to them. Oh well, you get a lot of I'M-GOING-TO-GO-CRAZY posts. They won't be as bad as they were during Finals Week last quarter though. I was literally a different person my insanity was so ridiculous.

Reading for PSYC158 (since I doubt I'll finish it today)
Study for PSYC 105
ROOM SELECTION FOR IHOUSE (may or may not blow my brains out here, send a prayer that I live with Katie)
LTWR Class
PSYC105 Midterm (but no lecture afterwards, thank goodness. I can go home and watch LOST)
Research Love Languages and see if it's a viable topic for PSYC158 Paper

CHEM13 Class
PSYC158 Reading (because I probably will not finish it)
PSYC158 Class
PSYC158 OH (hopefully she'll talk to me about my paper after class or I'm going to have to go in there on Thursday)
Write criticism essay on Dave Matthews Band's Big Whiskey And The Groo Grux King
Finish editing all the other drafts for worksop

Stand in line all day for SunGod wristband
Hopefully have time somewhere to finish criticism and editing (hopefully I just finish them Wednesday)
LTWR Class/Workshop, Turn in criticism


CHEM13 Discussion (unlikely I'll go unless there's a quiz, but even then might not get since I got EXCELLENT on my first midterm)
CHEM13 Class (may or may not go, depending on SunGod wristband situation above)
LTWR8C Discussion (supposed to go, but again depends on SunGod wristband situation and SunGod itself, also depends on whether or not I finish my homework for the class)


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