Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

In honor of the most amazing mother I know, my absolutely most favorite person (although she is tied with my brother and I cannot nor will not choose between them) in the entire world, I have decided to post the Mother's Day Mix I sent her for Mother's Day. I really want to post more about music on here, since it's something so integral to my life and this seems like the perfect occasion (or it could just be because I have so many things to do I feel the need to abusively procrastinate. Yes, there's that much stuff I need to do that procrastinating at this point is abusive. I feel an all-nighter coming on somewhere. Probably tonight. Anyway...)

THE MOTHER'S DAY MIX (open in new tab to listen along with each description)

"Hey Mama" by The Black Eyed Peas - I chose this one for the beginning because it literally says "Hello, Mama. This that shit that make you groove, Mama." And I thought to myself, what a perfect way to start a mix for my mother on Mother's Day.

"Party In The USA" by Miley Cyrus - My mom enjoys this song. She would sing it a lot at home, every time that damn Wal-Mart commercial came on. Then we went to Disneyland and that song was EVERYWHERE there. I finally admitted to it being catchy. I thought I'd add it since she liked it so much.

"Vampire" by Antsy Pants - My mom and I love Twilight. I thought I would give her a song about being vampires because that's something we always do at Disneyland. Let me explain. At the end of the Haunted Mansion, you come up from the ride on one of those moving sidewalk things. We always wait until there's no one on it, then walk up it so it seems like we're moving super fast quite easily, and is therefore reminiscent of the way the bad vampires come in in the movie.

"Full Moon" by The Black Ghosts - The is from the Twilight soundtrack, so another nod to our mutual love of the series, but this is the song in which she thought the beginning was "When the full MOOSE turns white, that's when I'll come home." It's MOON, like the title. We make fun of her every time.

"You And Me" by The Plain White T's - I like this song. It makes me happy. It reminded me of my mom because her and me do make a her and me.

"You've Got A Friend In Me" from Toy Story - This is a tribute to our love for Disney and also to the fact that we will be seeing Toy Story 3 so soon in theatres. It's going to be awesome.

"Always Coca-Cola" by Rochapella - My mom drinks soda like there's no tomorrow. Her favorite is Coca-Cola. I thought she would just enjoy it, like a commercial within my mix.

"Relax (Take It Easy)" by Mika - My mom is such a worrier. And right now, she has a lot to worry about with everything that's going on for our family. I just wanted to give her a reminder to relax and to take it easy. But I change the words to "for there is nothing that we CAN'T do."

"So Much Love" by The Rocket Summer - I added this song because my mom really is such a loving, sacrificing mom. I am so fortunate and lucky to have her. We've had our share of horrendous fights, but I really don't think we'll ever get into that phase again. We've grown a lot since then and our relationship has dramatically changed. It's hard to think that I will not live in the same house with her one day, maybe even in the same town. When I was younger, I wanted more than anything, and now I want more than anything to stay. She's the only person I actually want to talk to everyday when I'm away from home.

"All You Need Is Love" from Across The Universe - I always try my damnedest to get a Beatles song on there. I think my mom needs a special reminder about this though- all you need is love. She's the black sheep of her family, in a way. Both her siblings are very successful financially and we... definitely aren't. I feel she has the need to compensate for that by looking well off. I always try to remind her that it doesn't matter and that all we do need is love. I think deep down she knows, but has a hard time actually living it.

"The Best Day" by Taylor Swift - This song reminds me of my mom because the best days are always spent with her. Never anything special, just being with her makes me happy. It's kind of awkward because it mentions Taylor's dad, which is obviously a person very lacking in my life, but it mentions a little brother, so it's also a shout out to him. (HEADS UP, MICHAEL) I want to learn this song on guitar and rewrite the words so that I can sing it to her one day.

"Grey Street" by Dave Matthews Band - This is our favorite DMB song. We got to hear it live when I took her to the concert this summer and it was seriously one of the best things ever. It was a moment I'll never forget. I added it just as a special little reminder. Also, because we would never tire of hearing this song even if it was played continuously over the next one million years. And we both survived that long.

"Little Wonders" by Rob Thomas - This song is from Meet the Robinson's, one of my favorite Disney movies. It made me cry at the end. This song in the midst of all that familial love was too much for my little emotional heart. It's always stuck with me. But I do believe that those little "wonders" are the most important part of life. They're the ones that will stick around.

"Kind & Generous" by Natalie Merchant - This song is pretty much a thank you to my mom for just being her, so kind and generous. We also both love Natalie Merchant. It's a really beautiful and sincere song. It goes out to everyone I love, but most especially my mom.

"Mama" by The Spice Girls - I sang this once to my mom for Mother's Day many years ago in the throes of my love for the Spice Girls. She cried. I'll never forget that.

"At Least We Made It This Far" by Relient K - This song, almost everything about it, reminds me of my relationship with my mom right now. It's probably a love song, but I don't care. I love my mommy. And at least we have made it this far. There's been a lot to stop us.

"I Hope Tomorrow Is Like Today" by Guster - This song is mostly about the chorus. And because I wanted to give my mom a Guster song.

"Have I Told You Lately" by Van Morrison - This is my family's song. We pretty much hug each other in a big circle and sway while listening to this song. It's become less frequent these days. But it's funny that this is our song, since we can't leave a room without telling each other we love each other. But it is our song. And it makes me miss my mom and brother more than anything in the entire world. I've used it in a mix to Stephanie, but (no offense, Steph), it doesn't carry the same impact.

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