Wednesday, May 19, 2010

what career path are you on? if you're a ninja or a spy, you don't have to tell.

My first non-perfectly written question! Yay! I know you are real and not a robot feeding me questions. I am unsure how many questions below are real because I think formspring just felt bad for my non-getting-questions and gave me a whole bunch. I was unsure because there were none that were not perfectly written. But YOURS ISN'T CAPITALIZED, so I know you're real. And that means, you are loved.

And it's a good thing you said that, anonymous, because if I was (I DEFINITELY AM) a spy and/or (AND) ninja, I wouldn't tell you. Because... I would have to kill you. If you look like 2 or 3 questions below, you will see that I have various ways to kill people while also simultaneously protecting Katie. I always protect Katie.

But my career front is unsure as of right now. I used to want to become a counselor, especially one for teens, because I think I understand that age group well and I understand a lot of things that teens go through REALLY well. But then I found out how much schooling that is and I also realized that I might not be well suited for that, so I'm unsure. I'm really sick of school now and that might change by the time I graduate but if it doesn't I might even go back once I do some things that are very unschoolish. Other than that, I'm also considering being a writer, working in the publishing world, working for Disney/applying for an internship there, working for TWLOHA/applying for an internship there, working on a ranch, being a truck driver, not caring about an actual career and being a secretary or something so I can meet my Jim and do other things that aren't career oriented, like live in a camper and travel around the mainland United States. I don't know. The future holds a lot for me right now and there are so many things I'm figuring out that I want to do besides jumping into grad school or starting my career. I'm very excited for the unknown for once in my life.

Ask me anything. I dare you.

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