Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Weekend (A Completely Uncreative Title)

I never wrote about last weekend, so I'm going to. I don't think it will be funny, because I am tired and because this seems to be more of a routine "here's my life tah dah!" blog entry. Doesn't that suck for you.

Last week, I was all stressed out trying to plan Jo's surprise party around everyone else's plans and schedules while trying to keep her in the dark and be a part of the man multiple plans that were going on. It was a pretty hectic thing to do. No offense to Jo and if you read this I don't mean to make you feel guilty. But surprise parties are stressful. I will never plan another. Actually, I'll probably do at least one for my future husband because he deserves one before I say never. But I will NOT allow others to make surprise parties for me. I will be extremely difficult and inconvenience them greatly until they give up and are like "Fuck this" and then I can go about planning my own birthday party. This year, I want to do an Alice In Wonderland themed birthday. I have it all planned out in my head. I hope other people will want to do it too and won't bail out on me like The Office party, which I was totally ready for and will attempt to do again soon. I need to find more friends who like theme parties. Stephanie does and good thing she's my best friend because that'll be helpful in the long run.

Anyway, Jo's party ended up being a success. Emma did A LOT of work making it happen and I did a lot of the behind the scenes stuff. Katie was a very excellent helper lady and I'm glad she was there to help me calm down about the rival party. I won't get into that, but I did get kind of upset about the whole thing and then that made me competitive and then I decided to usurp it and create my own. I'm a bad friend of a friend.

Date Night was a very cute movie and I was really glad I got to see it with a whole bunch of people I love. I want to see it with Stephanie because I know there was a lot of things in it we would have liked.

The next morning, bright and early, was the 5K. Woo hoo. Remember that blog I was writing about my journey to the 5K and how I was preparing for it? Well, that died, along with my training. I didn't do so well in that department. I realize a lot of things about myself though through not preparing for the 5K, which sounds screwy but it makes sense in my head and I'll save it for a later post.

I ended doing pretty well for me. I ran it in 32:15, which is only forty-five seconds off my first 5K back when I was in Cross Country, so I'm proud of that. I didn't walk at all. Not once, which was my goal. It was really hard for me to let people pass. I kept thinking 'I'm losing points, I'm losing points' which is how it goes in XC, but I reminded myself very well that it's not about racing others, it was about racing myself. I didn't do it in my ideal time, but I did finish and I didn't walk so I am FUCKING PROUD if I do say so myself.

Everyone else did super well as well, but according to the little percentage things that make no sense, none of us should be running ever. That's stupid. Because we all did KICK ASS and yes, we did so KICK ASS it deserves all caps.

Then afterwards I got really sick and nauseay, so I slept a lot and complained a lot and did nothing for the rest of Sunday. Not a stitch of homework, which is why this weekend is going to be a (hopefully) total work weekend. If not, I don't really care anyway.

It's Spring Quarter. I'm supposed to be ditching these craptastic classes for the beach. Which I think I might just do on Saturday. Maybe all those stupid little bugs died?

Good night.

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  1. Eh, I totally agree. Surprise parties and group presents are a no go if you want your heart to pump for that little longer BUT the satisfaction of success pays off.

    30-something minutes for 5k is really good I think. At least you made it through without walking. That's hard!


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