Monday, March 8, 2010

An Ephemeral Melodic Moment

What this page is featured at the top of my blog is my current Song O' Obsession. The art is fleeting as my musical tastes whisk me from one ditty to another, but I thought that you should know what is my heat of the moment. Last week, it was Nancy Sinatra's "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)" which I love listening to. It's sexy, sultry, and sensual. It's got a sadness to it that resonates within me, a pain I can emphasize with, and abeauty I could never replicate.

This week it is Guster's "Satellite." I heard it in the movie Martian Child with John Cusack and Amanda Peet, which is pretty much the exact way I want my life to go. I want to be a successful writer and then adopt a weird kid. I have a thing for the weird kid. You know they're going to be difficult, but absolutely genius. I'm not sure how my parenting skills will turn out, but I think I can support the creativity and special attention that the weird kid needs. Except, I would not like my husband to die young of cancer. That would blow.

But I haven't written about the protest or the Oscars or my writing or anything lately. Life's been crazy! The protest was amazing. It was so beautiful to see so many people coming together to raise awareness for the increasing tuition, outrageous budgets cuts, and insulting layoffs the government is putting us students through. I was at the rally at UCSD for about an hour and a half when they said that they were moving to the protest at Balboa Park. Jo was going with a group, so Shirley and I snagged a ride and when we got there, the majority of UCSD students had arrived, so the march started. I didn't even know we were marching, but then we took over Park Boulevard to Broadway to Front Street downtown. It was AMAZING! We shut down streets and freeway exits as we marched along. People everywhere were staring, asking what our cause was or giving us thumbs up and whistles in support.


I am so thrilled to have been a part of something like this. You hear about this great stuff happening in the 60's and during times of war. You hear of college kids protesting and rallies and marches. I never though I would be a part of it. So many things are accomplished through these non-violent demonstrations and I feel blessed to have participated in one. You've got a rebel on your hands, California, and I won't be silenced about the ridiculousness you are putting your future leaders, doctors, writers, engineers, politicians, lawyers through. We are all here. We are your future. We will be paying your Social Security and your Medicare and your AARP or whatever you geriatric gremlins need.

Anyway, the day was beautiful, the movement beautiful, and the people... beautiful.

The Oscar's party was amazing! I didn't expect to have so much fun at all! We watched it at a movie theatre and had unlimited popcorn and soda and people would come and refill them for us so we didn't have to leave our seats. And during each commercial they pulled raffle tickets and had SO much cool stuff to give away, the biggest prize being an acoustic guitar signed by George Clooney! I ended up getting a Paranormal Activity tee that some lady won, but she didn't want it and she asked our group who liked the movie and I said I did and so she gave it to me! And they had a ton of big movie posters and at one point they were like, "Well we have a lot of these so come up and get them!" So of course Jo and I ran and she got Up In The Air and the fourth Shrek and I got Princess and the Frog and ECLIPSE!!!! Now I have all three big posters of the three Twilight movies!! I'm really excited! But yeah, it was so much fun! I thought Alec and Steve were so funny and the people speaking about the nominees was really good! I'm so glad Sandra won too. I haven't see the movie at all, but I think she's great and I'm glad she was recognized. I didn't see The Hurt Locker, but now I want to! And I thought it was hilarious that they sat her and James Cameron right next to each other. AWKWARD!

Saw Foosh on Friday with Katie, cousin, and cousin's friend. Pretty funny! I love absolutely everything they do, except for their partying. I especially love everything Jared does, but alas! he is gay and off the market. Oh woeth me! And I found out my other Object of Affection is pretty much a douche, so that cuts that out. And I have no idea about my actual crush. I think he likes someone else, as evidenced by particular Facebook pictures. And ER boy annoys me now. No need to stalk.

I think I will be regular posting things that I'm writing as soon as I start actually writing regularly. I don't think I will post my story that I write for my final, but maybe an excerpt from it. Can't have people stealing my early work now!

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