Saturday, March 13, 2010

Late Night Conversations

Jezli and I had a late night conversation after scouring wedding blogs for hours a couple nights ago. It was fantastic and we got some amazing ideas for our future, whenever they shall come weddings. (Jo-- you've got the pies!)
Then we finally peeled our eyes away from all of the DIY beauty and tried to fall asleep.

But we ended up talking-- about boys.

Now boys are stupid, that's my official opinion on the matter, and that was before all of this current crush fallout. I think it'll take me awhile still to find them so necessary to life that I need to spend a majority of my time with one. But we were talking about past boys and future boys and the current lack of present boys, when I said....

ME: "Boys are bullshit."

JEZLI: "Boys are bullshit."

ME: "I 'on't even curr about them."
(Yeah, I said it like that. What's it to ya?)

JEZLI: "Neither do I!"


ME: "Jezli... I care so much."

JEZLI: "Me too."

And then we fell off to sleep.

Actually we talked a little longer, but I like this ending better.

It's true. I care. I can say all I want that I don't, but I do. I can honestly say that, right now though, I am not looking for a boyfriend and don't really want one. I have so much fun with these ladies I live with. I have the whole rest of my life to live with a boy, but I only have this year(s) to spend with them. Sorry, future boyfriend, you're going to have to wait awhile.

And, I think of this and I remember what I'm waiting for.
Because this guy's going to be perfect.

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  1. Haha. Ashley and I have the same conversations. We should just get together one day and have a movie night! :)


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