Sunday, March 14, 2010

Flossing And Treasure

So, I should probably floss more than once a week.
Because when I don't it's like finding treasure and you've won the jackpot because it just keeps coming out.

That's disgusting.

My teeth aren't really that gross. If they were I probably wouldn't have teeth anymore and my smile wouldn't be a smile but a gaping hole in my face resembling a smile but it's not because there's no teeth.

I listened to MUSE all day today. I have eight songs on my iTunes and I listened to them repeatedly when I was not studying with another person aka Eyal aka new friend aka pretty damn cool. Also likes watermelon and can crush your soul in Super Smash.

Don't tempt him. He will slaughter your tiny little yellow Kirby mercilessly and laugh in your face about it with a victorious so awesome that is blows your mind and you're no longer able to breathe.

Well, maybe just the merciless slaughter of my tiny yellow Kriby.

In another words, he's bad ass.

Now here's a video of me typing this and trying to brush my teeth.
Spoiler alert-- I gave up doing both.


  1. Hey'all, Eyal!
    Bahaha, yes, I'm sure he blew your mind ;)


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