Sunday, March 14, 2010

Serial Killers And Such

Obviously, I'm awful at studying. I really need to and I'm sitting here blogging instead. But I promised myself I'd start studying at 11 so I have exactly 11 minutes to share this with you and then hopefully go play a game on Neopets.

I read this last night instead of studying.


This is exactly why no one likes clowns because serial killers dress up as them and then sodomize little boys who whimper "I just wanted a balloon animal" and then the murderous Pogo the Clown, fucking creepy name too, is like "Oh, I'll show you a balloon animal." And the kid thinks he's actually going to get one, but no it's actually DEATH.

That was morbid.

But that's my life right now. Finals are like being sodomized and killed by a clown when all you wanted was a balloon animal.

And I even prefer balloon hats.

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  1. You should listen to the Sufjan song about him. It's so good.


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