Monday, March 1, 2010

You Can Call It Friction

I want to take this moment to apologize to a certain someone. I did something pretty rude today and I'm really sorry. I don't want you to feel bad about it at all and I was a poor excuse of a friend for saying that to you. Please know that you were not in the wrong and I'm just being a super brat. I love you!

And yes, I definitely am being a super brat. I've just been off this week. I thought I would be better after a week of rest and a break from midterms, but I'm not, not even close. I'm still tired and bitchy and awful feeling. I got sick halfway through the week, then I thought my story was due on Friday so I almost pulled an all nighter before I realized it wasn't due. And now I'm behind in every single class. Awesome. I just need a break from this place. I'm over it as of right now, but I always get this way.
I'm pretty sure I'm in a fight with my mom right now because I hung out with my aunt this weekend. She always gets pissed for some reason when I tell her I'm hanging out with my aunt the day of. And it's like... I don't have to tell you anything but I do because I care about you, I want you involved in my life, and I love you. And she gets "hurt" because I "have my own life" and she's not a part of it. I talk to her more than anyone else I know, including the people I live with. It's so annoying because she does only gets mad when I hang out with my aunt. I think she gets jealous that my aunt gets to spend time with me and she doesn't but really it's a bunch of bullshit because my aunt lives 20 minutes away and she lives 12 hours away. It's ONLY when I hang out with my aunt. And it's annoying as fuck.
Gosh, I'm pretty complaning today. Lets change this up a bit.
I'm very happy that our house has made into the dodgeball championships. We are amazing. I've never wanted to play a sport more than this and I ran cross country for three years. Today I played at the beack with Jo, Tina, Arka, Surajh, and other people that the boys introduced us to today. It was so much fun, running through the grass. I really enjoyed how we changed the game to fit the limited space and people. And it felt so nice to be at the beach even though my legs went into shock after spending so much time in grass. They do not like the grass.

I really enjoyed my time out with my aunt. I really needed some time off campus, away from all of the tension I feel here. We went to Little Italy and ate at Fillipi's, I think it was called. Something Italian named, of course. And I got this delicious shrimp and noodle dish. It was so rich in butter though. I've tried to eat it a few different times and I cannot eat more than a little bit because it's so rich. Then we went and checked out an AMAZING art exhibit at the MCA by Tara Donovan who does the coolest things with styrofoam cups, straws, sheets of plastic, mylar, SCOTCH TAPE, toothpicks, tar sheets, buttons, sewing pins. I mean, this was just the coolest stuff ever.

This was my favorite. It's made out of tiny strips of myler, glued together to make rings. The rings are attached together and the whole piece is held up by pins on the wall. It was breathtaking. And so interesting. The one I saw reminded me of a tree top and was smaller than this one.

I can seriously picture myself doing this to my own house one day. It would definitely be time consuming and I'm definitely no Tara Donovan but I actually do believe I could recreate something like this. Not as elaborate or pretty, but something on my own. I think this would be an amazing piece for someone's own home.
If you look at the rings up close, they look like clear glass pebbles attached to the wall because the light bounces off of the metallic insides of the rings creating all this depth and wonder. It's sincerely one of the best things I've ever seen. AH! I just loved it and was so happy I was able to see it on it's last day in San Diego. Also, I got to meet Tara Donovan which was pretty cool. We had the same color nail polish on-reddish orange, which is a pretty strange color to have in common.

Anyway, good and bad this week. I would say mostly bad. And after spending a jillion hours barely doing any homework, I'd say this week it starting out on a bad foot too. Uh-oh. Let's get myself together, Chelsey!

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  1. this art is super cool! i want to do this in my house; it would make my falling-apart walls look better...

    and keep your head up champ, you're gonna be just fine. love you.


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