Wednesday, April 28, 2010

20 Compliments for Joanne

Compliment 1: Jo, you are amazing.

Compliment 2: Jo, you are the best dodgeball player ever.

Compliment 3: Jo, you are so good at dodgeball and I am way more in awe of your skills than I am in awe of Potter.

Compliment 4: Jo, you are so good at baking pies, it's like you have a special talent to make fruits come back from the dead to be super delicious.

Compliment 5: Jo, I like that your sweater fits you.

Compliment 6: Jo, you inspire me to be who I am, whoever that is, by being yourself no matter what others think.

Compliment 7: Jo, you are beautiful in every single way.

Compliment 8: Jo, you make me smile.

Compliment 9: Jo, you make me happy.

Compliment 10: Jo, you are a visionary.

Compliment 11: Jo, if Super Smash was an Olympic sport, you would be a gold medalist.

Compliment 12: Jo, actually, if anything was an Olympic sport, you would be a gold medalist.

Compliment 13: Jo, 13 is my favorite number and you are my favorite too.

Compliment 14: Jo, you look good everyday, but when you get all dressed up, you make my heart aflutter.

Compliment 15: Jo, you are a classy lady, unlike Celine Dion and her 35 years older husband.

Compliment 16: Jo, you deserve a man who far exceeds your expectations because you will far succeed his.

Compliment 17: Jo, you are like the sun, warm, bright, and light, making the Earth a perfect place for human habitation.

Compliment 18: Jo, you are like the moon, lighting up the darkness and giving me hope for the next day, but when you are like a new moon, gone from my existence, my world is dark and cold and lonely.

Compliment 19: Jo, you make me proud to be your friend.

Compliment 20: Jo, I love you just as you are.


Compliment 21: Jo, you are like the dark chocolate cake in our fridge- strong, tall, and black; with an outrageous amount of flowery beauty on the outside; filled with delicious, surprising layers on the inside; and everyone wants a piece of you.


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  1. Chelsey Davis, I love you (: yes I do I do. Thank you so much for this post<3 I can't believe you actually went through with the 20 compliments! and you remembered them for this post!! Like Katie, you give me MUCH too much credit, and like Katie, you just make it easy for me to be your friend. Thank YOU for always making me feel more special than I actually am, for being yourself!!, for fantastic conversations (: You're amazing, dear. Shine on!


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