Sunday, April 18, 2010

Don't Rain On My Parade

I love this song. At least, I love the version Glee does. I've been listening to them a lot this weekend. I should probably listen to something that I stole from the station, but this song... makes me happy.

It's really amazing. Great for dancing to. Great for singing to. It reminds me of my secret and deep desire to be a performer. I think if I could sing and dance and act for a living I would be happy. There are exactly 4 things keeping me from doing this:

1. I'm really not that pretty enough. Actresses, singers, dancers--they are gorgeous and fit and... perfect? Physically-wise, in my eyes, they are.

2. I can't sing. I think I'm really bad at it. I've never really been able to hear myself sing and have never dared to video myself singing just in case I really am bad as I suspect I am and then this small but fervent desire would have to be extinguished for good.

3. Dancing... not one of my strongest suits. Although, I am naturally more flexible, I've never honed in on this skill. Also, I feel that since I haven't been dancing since I was able to walk like some many people out there, I have no business trying now.

4. I think I might be a little good at acting, which really isn't keeping me from doing this, but I thought I'd throw this out there in good measure. I loved my acting class last year. It was so much fun and challenging and everything I wish I could have in all of my classes.

My life-goal-that-shall-never-be-achieved is to be Belle at Disneyland. Seriously, that's it. If I was asked to do it, I am pretty sure I would drop whatever was going on in my life to do it. I doubt that will ever happen to me, but who knows? Yet this very lofty goal of mine requires two things that I easily do not succeed in--being gorgeous and being perfect-- and therefore become a life-goal-that-shall-never-be-achieved. I guess I shouldn't make it a goal so that I won't fail at it. I shall call it... an ideal career path but I'm choosing otherwise out of sheer terror of the knowledge that I would fail at it and fail at it miserably.

Way to be depressing. It's days like this where I have to stay inside all day and work on homework that make me feel even more self-conscious of my body/take a blow to my self-confidence.

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  1. 1) Not all celebrities are the prettiest and fittest people.
    2) I'm sure you're not so bad at singing, I could probably give you a run for being a bad singer if you ever was one.
    3)Never too late to try!
    4)If you enjoyed it, then don't let other things stop you from doing it again.

    Finally, you'll never know until you give it a try~


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