Monday, April 26, 2010

NSYNC On Pandora

I'm listening to *NSYNC on Pandora (I don't know if that link will bring you to it, but hopefully it at least brings you close). It's a total nostalgia trip. Britney, Christina, Backstreet Boys... they're all there.

I was never into the boy bands. I was hugely into The Spice Girls. Like, obsessively. I remember I my seventh birthday my mom got me a huge stereo and my first cd- STOP the single by The Spice Girls. I was thrilled to say the least. I had invited two other girls named Chelsey (Chelsea and Chelsie) and so we all became The Spice Girls in order to differentiate. I was ALWAYS Baby Spice. She was my most favorite. When I moved to Redding, my first day of third grade at a new school I was all decked out in Spice. I had the backpack, the t-shirt, platform flip-flops, the pencils, the pencil case, the notebooks, the works.

I had the Barbies, the dolls, the cd's, the cassette tapes, platform sneakers, the jewelry, everything. Considering how much Twilight stuff I have and how much of it my mom bought me (85% of it), I think she is the one who fuels my obsessions. I also thinks she just likes to get me everything that makes me happy. She's a good mommy.

I can't remember what Christmas it was, but my mom and grandpa had gone to Toys R Us on one of their super duper deal early morning things and bought me The Spice Girl bike. It came with a small backpack that you put on the front and had a mini Spice Girls radio. That was pretty hardcore. I think my most hardcore moment.

From The Spice Girls I moved on to Britney Spears. I was pretty obsessed with her through the Britney cd. After that I was kind of over her. But while I did like her, I was pretty intense about her. She was my very first concert. I think I was 10 years old and my aunt and mom took me, but the whole day they told me they were taking me to the dentist so when they actually gave me the tickets to the show, I was just so happy I wasn't going to the dentist that I didn't have the best reaction to actually seeing Britney Spears. It was pretty funny. But I remember I wore these black boots that I called my concert boots and I wore them to my second concert, O-Town.

O-Town was only ever big for me because Ashley Angel was from Redding. I kind of watched the show, bought the first cd, enjoyed the first cd, not going to lie. I saw them in concert because they came to Redding and my mom's friend's husband works for the city so we got super cheap fifth row tickets. I'm pretty certain to this day the one I thought that was hot, although I can't remember which one that is, waved at me. I also have Ashley Angel's autograph, not because I met him but because his girlfriend came into the Ross where my mom works and she gave her one. Sad though, that was my mommy's last concert before I took her to Dave Matthews Band.

Ah, Dave Matthews Band. My music tastes have drastically changed over the years- pop to rock to alternative to rap to screamo- but DMB has never once faded from my repertoire. I love them with a fiery, ardent passion that will persist for all of my lifetime, coming close but never overcoming my love for God. Yes, I almost love DMB as much as I love God. They are brilliant, getting better and better with each album and I have to say that Big Whiskey is their best. And their concert was amazing. I actually get to review their album for one of my writing assignments this quarter and I am HELLA stoked. I am going to mix in parts of their concert to explain how I feel about each of the songs. It is seriously one of the most brilliant records ever and if I am ever able to see them in concert again I will be paying big bucks for the big seats. I want to be as close as I can. THEY ARE WORTH IT.

My music tastes now are much more eclectic and are growing as I start really getting into my position at the radio station. I love it. I have a hard time with new music, mostly because I don't have time to find new stuff and be able to truly like it and figure out how it melds with my life. I mostly find new music when I'm going through something. That's how Taylor Swift came to me. I love T. Swizzle. Her concert was good, only one that has ever made me cry, but a good kind of cry. She'll definitely grow into being a performer. She's cute and lovable and so down to her which is why I love her. See, I like country, rock, alternative, some rap, I heavily rely on things from the nineties. I like show tunes, oldies, songs about falling in love with ostriches. I love all sorts of things.

Make sure you check out Melodic Moment up at the top of the page. It changes all the time. It's whatever song has been on my mind lately. You'll probably enjoy it.

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  1. ahh i feel so honored to have inspired this lol you know how much i love your blog.


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