Friday, April 9, 2010

Fun, Family, Back, Break-ups

This will be short as I want a 15 minute nap before I go out to lunch with my fambam for the last time before they leave SD.

I had fun with them at Disneyland. I will talk more in detail about it later, but I will say I am very sad to see my annual pass expire with absolutely no money to renew it for another year.

I love, love, love spending time with my mother and brother more than anyone else in the entire world and I realize this more and more when I am with them. It's probably why I only saw Stephanie, Amelia, and Andrew this spring break. I apologize for not making enough time for everyone (Ashtyn, I really do love you!) or for not spending enough time with certain people . I wish I could have. A week is not enough for a break, especially when two days are travel and I desperately want to sleep/never leave the house because I am so tired from finals and the only people who can handle me like that is my family, only because they have to.

I'm back from Disneyland at UCSD now, have been actually for a bit, since Tuesday officially, but life has been one major stress ball and I haven't gotten anything done at all. I need to work, but now I am definitely getting sick (no sleep + week of fast food = no bueno) and I'm tired and I just want to sleep and never wake-up, but that'll have to wait until after my radio show tonight, which I will be attending yay! Sorry, Jezli, for missing last week's. I love you and thank you for putting up with my hugely irresponsible self for this week's show.

Break-ups, not for me, but for someone else, and I'm kind of wondering WTH. But boy I like is back on the market. Thanks to a smidgen of hopeful Facebook stalking I found this out. I'm kind of happy. I do feel bad for him though. I hope it wasn't bad or anything. Hopefully it was like "Eh? Nay." and so simple and quick. But mostly, I am confused.

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