Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Decision Made Well

LOOK! This entry is going to be non-depressing. Can't you tell by the title?

Tonight, I was really torn about either going to FOOSH practice or to the Intervarsity Muir Bible Study. Katie and I were supposed to go, but then I was like... I really want to go to FOOSH.
I did not want to let Katie down, plus as I have been looking over some sources for the first lesson for Muirons For Christ, some new ideas have been brought to my attention.

1. When trying something new, if it feels like doors are slamming instead of opening, it's probably not for you.
When I was trying something new with FOOSH, their practice schedule really conflicts with pretty much everything. I had been wanting to try out the IV Muir Bible Study which meets Mondays 8-10. I am leading Muirons Wednesdays 8-10. When is FOOSH? Monday & Wednesdays 8-10. So I could do Muirons and FOOSH, but only be giving half of myself to FOOSH, which I wasn't exactly okay with, but willing to try. Or I could do the two bible studies. I decided to check out IV tonight and really enjoyed it. Love the people and their excitement and their passion for God. So, hence, a decision well made.

2. What we are supposed to focus on in our lives is the people in our lives, not ourselves.

Doing FOOSH was, in a way, selfish. I had already promised Katie to try out IV. I could only really give half of myself to FOOSH, cheating them out of a dedicated member. Plus, I really want to focus on others. God is bringing so many different epiphanies to me throughout the day, especially on my "should" issue and focusing on others. This way, Katie and I can go to IV together and she can do volleyball and Muirons still works out and no one has to worry about me over at FOOSH.

3. You cannot meet a good Christian boy unless you're doing some good Christian things.

Alright, so this last one is pretty superficial, but it's true. Not that there weren't any good, dedicated-to-God Christian boys in FOOSH (I don't know for sure, but they're amazing so I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt. And not that there weren't any good-looking boys at FOOSH because let me tell you there are some CUTIES over there. Woo.), but it's just different. Not that I'm looking really right now, but if I were to stumble upon him, a bible study is where I would want to do it.

And that is that. Uh sucka, what?!

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