Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oh, The Wonders of Technology

I just sent my mommy a text with a picture of me and a voice recording telling her much I love her! How cool is that? She can see me and hear me despite being twelve hours away! It makes me smile.

Mickey's Trick-Or-Treat was really, really fun! I went with Rachel earlier in the day to Disneyland in order to see the special Halloween Space Mountian- Ghost Galaxy. In all honesty, I did not find it very worth it. Yeah... It could be because I was sitting in front and so the things that pop out at you popped out after we'd already kind of passed. I don't know. It was alright. It seemed faster, which was a plus. I expected it to be something with the Disney villains because that's what the keep advertising it, but no.
Oh yeah, God pretty much did not want Rachel and I to get to Disneyland. We had the chance to leave earlier than planned, then we took forever at Rachel's house (twenty-year-old: "Mama, where is my Tinkerbelle costume?" Don't worry, this is exactly why I LOVE YOU, RACHEL!!!), then to try and get the New Moon soundtrack to listen to on the way up, we stopped at a Starbucks so we could use their wi-fi to download it to Rachel's phone. We drove forever around the parking lot until I finally got out of the car to sit there. It was hilarious, but it definitely shows our dedication to the Twilight Saga- we gave up an hour at Disneyland for YOU, Stephenie Meyer! Then we get there, get a locker, put our costumes in for later, then on our way to line, I step on Rachel's shoe and break it. Luckily we had shoes in the locker for our costumes, but it was completely ridiculous. And there was so much traffic going up. FINALLY, we get into Disneyland at 430 in the pm, 3 hours later than we would have been if we had been ready and left at the original time we planned. That's bad.
Then at 630 we changed and got in line for Mickey's Trick-or-Treat and it was fun! We did Midway Madness and California Screamin' with barely any line, got dinner, then got pictures with Cruella De Vil and the Evil Queen from Snow White. We took a whole bunch of pictures inside the Beast's library of me as Belle in there. (Oh yeah, I went as Belle and Rachel ended up being Hermione Granger and a very a good-looking Hermione, if I do say so myself.) Then we met up with Jo as Captain Jack Sparrow, Jezli as Vampire, Shirley as Maid, and Katie as Cinderella. Jezli, Katie, Rachel and I went on Tower of Terror and it was Katie and Jezli's first time! It was so fun going with someone on their first time. It was like seeing it fresh and new, through their eyes. Then we went again on California Screamin' and Midway Madness and they seemed to really like those. Then it was time to go home. We didn't roll into Muir until 200 in the am. I was really tired and slept until 130 in the pm that day.

So, yeah, that was Mickey's Trick-or-Treat.

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