Saturday, October 10, 2009

So, I Threw It On The GROUND

These are the things that have happened recently:

Wednesday~ I had my first Muirons For Christ meeting. So, of course, I showed up a little late and people were confused about whether or not the meeting was happening, but people showed up. At first, we had three new freshman, plus Kristen, Shirley, Katie, Nathalie (who technically is a new freshman), and Josh. It was really exciting for me to see all those people there and I appreciated everyone's support and... it just made me feel so nice to know people care about this. I was especially surprised that Josh came, but I'm praying this is a good thing and that he will enjoy it. Anyway, one of the freshman asked if we were Catholic and I said no, so she left. Awkward, but I think after that I can just about handle anything... yeah. Then one of the other freshmen left after the games. He said he had an essay, which is understandable, and that he would come back this next week. I'm hoping he does. He seemed super cool. And then, the last freshman, Daniel. Wow. He... is socially awkward, but I have to love him for it. He puts a smile on my face for sure. One of the things he said was that he was looking for was a group of people he could come to in times of need and that he cold be comfortable and himself with. And that is exactly why I wanted Muirons to stay because that's exactly what I want and I hope it is something I can create, for him and for everyone else. So, everyone said it went well. We got about halfway through the lesson, so we'll finish it up next week, which is cool because I feel like I have two weeks to prepare a lesson now, but my goal is to get two done so I'm ahead. People said they'd come back next week, including Josh, and yeah... I'm just pretty happy about it.

Thursday~ Dancing Through The Decades. I went to the store after classes got out and went and bought some vegetarian beans and spanish rice to make dinner for Josh. I figure it's good for me to fake cook and I'll actually try because it's for other people. So I made bean, cheese, and rice burritos. (Moment of silence for El Mercado... I rememebered exactly how they would write that order down. BV.) I think they were good. People ate them. Forgot to buy salsa or anything that would spice them up as that is never something I think of. I need to think of others though if I want to be a good hostess. I was supposed to stay in and watch me some Vampire Diaries (ooh, guilty pleasure) while Jezli and Jo went to Dancing Through The Decades, but they stayed and watched Bones (boo!) and then I ended up going since Emma put on the dance and apparently no one was coming. It ended up being really fun. I enjoyed it alot. I dressed in the usual hippie garb, while Jezli and Jo went 80's. We were pretty much the only ones dressed up. They played Journey though as the last song and the whole room was singing. It was magic.

Friday~ A-Rod, Anberlin, Acid, Arrest, and Andy. Last night was an epic night. Wow. Ok, so I was watching the Yankees v. Twins game with Katie and Nathalie and it was 3-1 Twins, bottom of the ninth. They had one on base and A-Rod was up to bat. I said, "He's going to get a home run, tying the score at 3-3 and they'll go into extra innings." What did the fabulous A-Rod do? He did exactly what I said he would. You know, A-Rod and I are just so in sync, I'm not sure if Kate Hudson is having his baby or I am. We just click, him and I. It's a beautiful relationship. They went into extra innings and Yankees ended up winning. Then, the three of us went to Fall Fest to see Anberlin. Now, I like Anberlin but I've never really listened to them. They were AMAZING live and I was really happy I went. During the show, this guy was definitely "trippin' balls" (Nathalie) and was dancing in this huge circle. We were on the edge of the circle, watching him and the show, because he was doing these crazy tribal bird dance moves and just yelling at everyone to "get their fucking bodies moving" and it was classic. He tried to get people into his dancing, but he kept picking the big guys who only equate "dance" with the old-fashioned definition of "fight." It looked really ugly for a second as one BIG guy started pushing him, almost right into us, but luckily some other guys stopped anything from getting bad. Then, The Game came on and that was boring (ch-chk BANG! PUT YOUR MOTHERF**KIN' HANDS UP), so we left and went to Goody's to get some eats. We were sitting outside when these two guys come runnig up the stairs from Marshall dorms and around the restaurant towards the apartments. Then I look up and see polica car lights flashing all over the buildings and they come up onto the walkway and catch one of the guys while the other one ditches him. They make him sit on the ground for awhile, handcuff him, and take him away. It was like dinner and a show. Amazing. Then, Katie, Nathalie, and I went back to the apartment, where it turns out Shirley gave us her cake because she couldn't eat it. The strawberries were getting moldy so we decided to take a page out of Andy Samberg's book and THROW IT ON THE GROUND. Yup, Nathalie chucked it off our balcony towards the dumpsters and when we went down there to examine it, I slammed it into the ground. It was... wow. I THREW A CAKE ON THE GROUND.

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