Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Should Be Learning About Asians

That's right. I am currently in class. Ha. I have figured out the only way to pass the time in this class is to bring my computer and read other people's blogs, facebook, twitter, etc. THIS is the life. I have never brought my computer to class before and now I know why--There is just so much better stuff to do online.

Here I sit, typing away. There are probably people looking over my shoulder right now, and if they are they should just mind their own damn business.

Ooh, someone just interrupted the professor with a question. It's the first time I have heard something besides her voice during this class. It is actually way more fun to narrate about the moments in class than to write notes about what she is saying. I did try. I did write like... half a page of notes, but I just really do not care. I'm sorry fellow Asians (no, I'm not Asian, but working my ways towards being one), you would not want to sit and listen to her drone on and on and on and on and on and on and on and so forth and on on on on on on on.

Since I should be learning about Asians, I may as well talk about becoming one. I am a white girl, as white as can be. I am so white, I will not read "Stuff White People Like" because I am sure I will like about 85% of everything on that list and that's just not cool. I'm culturally diverse. Not.
Anyrace, my apartment mates and I started a point system for me to become Asian. I currently have 21.6 Asian points out of 100, so I would like to tell you all that

I am 21.6% Asian. Thank you very much.

It's a funny system. I get points sporadically for doing or saying something Asian. They used to minus points, but I decided they couldn't because I am white and you cannot dock someone for being who they are. Plus, I said a joke about Pokemon and everyone thought I was serious. I wasn't, but they minused 10 points. Which was ridiculous. Plus, I only got 1 point for being in this class, which is not enough. Last night I got 5 Asian points though, a big jump for me, when Jezli asked me what she should name her new monster and I said "PACHINKO!" which apparently means "casino" in Japanese or Taiwanese or Vietnamese, I cannot remember, but I had just made it up on the spot. Yeah, that made me really excited. I interrupted Jo's phone conversation in order to tell her.

Asian class ending soon and since I'm pretty much blind and really couldn't care less what race you are, I shall leave you with this...

And that's what I truly believe in.

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  1. So, this really made me laugh. Like really. I love you. And I can't wait to be a part of these funny conversations between you and Jezli and Jo. Gosh. Like really. I want to be there right now. If I had money, I would move. No doubt about it.
    And I like that picture/quote thing.


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