Saturday, October 24, 2009

Jesus Is My Boyfriend

This is a new concept I have been thinking about throughout the day.
I constantly think about wanting a boyfriend/the boy drama I have secretly created in my head and this morning as I drowsily woke up at 1100, I thought to myself

What if Jesus was my boyfriend?

Not in a literal sense. Obviously that cannot be. But, what I mean is this- what if I treated Jesus as I would treat my boyfriend? I want to eventually develop this to how I will treat my husband, but honestly, what I am looking for in a boyfriend, I should find in Jesus- someone to listen to my worries, someone to rely on, someone I can turn to in any situation, someone I can learn from, someone who challenges me to better myself, someone I can look up to, someone who loves me for me. Honestly, who wouldn't want Jesus as their boyfriend?

So, yeah. As I will not allow myself to date the person I want to date, He more than makes up for it. Thank you, Jesus.

P.S. Jesus doesn't freak out if you say "I love you" first.

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