Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Read About Asians Today

I really, really, really did. Like from 230 to 800 and then from 1000 to 1200. That's seven and a half hours of Asian reading. Be proud.

It's late. I'm not tired. I should do some homework, but there have been some things I wanted to write about that made me smile. Not that they're rare these days, but I want to appreciate them.

Thursday when I was at the supermarket, there was a lady wearing this black-and-white suit thing. She was in her forties and very professional looking. But she was wearing these real snazzy PINK high heels. They were bomb. I wanted to tell her her shoes were bomb, but I thought No, it'd just be too weird. So, as I'm doing my shopping I see her all over the store, and my brain or God, sometimes I cannot tell, is like Dude, just tell her. (Does God say "dude?" I bet he does.) And I kept thinking No. Finally, I'm in the tea aisle to get my Arizona Lemon Flavored tea (mmmmmmm...) and she's there, looking at it. I grab my tea, then start walking away, when I turn around and say, "You know, your shoes are fantastic!" And she says "Wow, thanks." or something to that effect. Then she asks me whether or not I like that tea and she's been considering buying it for some time. I told I drank it like water and also recommended the ginsing and honey tea, but to drink it room-temperature. She said thanks and that was that. It was a moment I enjoyed.

Still Thursday, these are two not good things that happened. I was in line to buy my stuff and this tall, super skinny, gorgeous girl gets behind me in line and you would think I would be all awkward because I wasn't wearing make-up and didn't look so hot, but no. She was only buying water and gum. And I thought to myself Thanks for confirming the stereotype.
Then when I left, the Greenpeace chick harassed me and made me feel like crap because I didn't want to save the whales. And I thought to myself I'm walking out of this store without any pastic or paper bags, bringing my bicycle basket all the way here to save a tree. Shut the hell up, dreadlocks.

More on Thursday, I met this freshman on the bus who was from Sweden. We talked during the trip. It was cool. Her name was Anna. She was really pretty, very polite, and I enjoyed talking to her, although I was awkward because I hate small talk, but I got to ask sweet questions about Sweden. It was swede. BAHAHAHAHA. I crack myself up sometimes.

Sunday was the Jason Mraz concert. It was so chill and awesome and just... such an amazing experience. It was all about love and fellowship and there was a smidge of Jesus talk in there. Good quote--

I was thinking about What Would Jesus Do? and I was like... I don't know. I haven't seen him in a long time. But then I thought What Would Love Do? And I realized... it was the same exact thing.

It made me happy. There was lots of high fives to people you didn't know and celebrating with the people you came with and sending love all over the ampitheatre. It was sweet (not swede.)

I think that's about all for the night... morning... whatever. I got an 87.5% on my Psyc midterm. Eh. Not too good. I wish I could have gotten an A. I didn't really put in A effort though. I have come to realize, you just can't do it. Unless your Frenzel, that's about it. I haven't decided between a life, sleep, and A's yet, but I'm trying. It sucks because I haven't even found time for God in that yet, except Monday and Wednesday nights. Need to figure out that one. Pray for me.

Good night, sleep tight, let the vampires bite.

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