Friday, October 30, 2009

How Do I Get You Alone?

Today has been the worst day of my existence.

Not really. Definitely have seen worse.

But today was truly awful.

Despite sleeping in yesterday, missing both of my classes, until 100 in the afternoon, I am absolutely exhasuted tonight and shall be going to bed right after this. It's only 9oopm. I have no idea why I am so tired.

I am annoyed with every person ever right now for any random particular reason.

I'm just fed up.

No one's doing anything tomorrow for Halloween, so I'm going out to Hillcrest alone to explore and whatnot. It sounds exciting. Actually, I might go to Torrey Pines Reserve. I really don't know much about this city that I live in and I want to explore it. Alone.

Yesterday when I woke up, I had a totally fresh outlook on life. After praying and crying to myself the night before, I was like "Yes, some good God time and a cry always works." Now here I am 48 hours later in exactly the same state as before. I think I shall listen to depressing music and wallow in this fatigued and disheartened state.

I did get to talk to my brother for an hour today. It was good. I felt because I was just so tired, but the conversation made me miss him a lot.

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